Free bike rental

We put at your disposal several a bicycle park in several sizes for children and for adults.

baby-child seat for children over 6 months and under 18KG in weight

16 ”MTB for children from height 1.10 M (5-6 years)

20 ”MTB for children from size 1.20 M (5-6 years)

24 ”MTB for children - girls over 1.40 M tall

26 ”MTB with feminine fit with hydraulic brake

Basic 27.5 “MTB (model 136) for adults plus

MTB 27.5 top of the range

29 ”MTB (M136 model)

Mountain bike 29 (model X1) top of the range for large sizes over 1.80 M and for long distances

Notes: Helmet, light, small backpack are offered on request.

Bikes are for adults and accompanied children and young people (under 18)

Our tours are categorized into three categories depending on the distance

Price of unguided walks:

Price (DT)

Number of hours

Suggested circuit